aurelie mermod


based in zurich, switzerland

2019-2020 grenoble residency (disrupted)

2018-2019 new york residency, Kultur Stadt Zurich ♥

2013/18 5years lecturer assistant at the Fine Art Department, University of the Arts Zurich

2013 master in Fine Arts, specialization Sound Arts, University of the Arts London

2008/2011 bachelor in Fine Arts, specialization Media Arts, University of the Arts Zurich

1997/2000 baccalauréat economic&law, gymnase d‘Yverdon-les-Bains

some projects

2021 mixtape contest, la Station-gare-des-mines, Paris

2021 cannibal underground

2020 Detroit deconstructed: womxn, non-mix/tape, balamii radio, London

2019 SOUND/GENDER/FEMINISM/ACTIVISM !a night of performances in a club! Tokyo

2019 Detroit planning of events: Jiit & resistance tour, skate-rink, emtpy mall location

2018 Detroit Effect, Helmhaus Zurich, London & Zurich Squat

2014-2018 Sonic Womb, brain forum Lausanne, Goldsmiths University, London

2017 talk: the Cultural Appropriation of the Jamaican Sound Systems, rhizom fest, rote fabrik

2016 diy album home-recording for Milena Solomun, Zurich files

2013 womxn in sound arts travel kit, hernoise archive London

2012 sound mirrors, interview with Steve Goodman author of Sonic Warfare, zine

2010 toygirl, hardware hacking


5years lecturer assistant, lectures in sound, critical studies at the University of the Arts Zurich:

kontext modules: 2 trips to the SOUND:GENDER:FEMINISM:ACTIVISM symposium in London:

2014 with the students of the Mediale Künste, best team ever ♥


praxis modules with Pauline Boudry & Eran Schaerf



2017 w/ Olivier Foulon



many other praxis modul not listed

own technogie modules in sound

2016 with the LA-London based collective Utra-red

2016 field recordings workshops

2017 ableton live w/ Maya Consuelo Sternel

2017 sound

2018 Sounds Like Her

2018 Sounding Out!

invited artists for talks, workshops, listening sessions, performances:

2018 APN RESEARCH Kin‘ichi Obinata, Mélanie Mermod, zhdk & Kunsthalle Zurich ♥

2015 Christina Kubisch, one week workshop, artist talk and event at OOR Record Store

2017 Salomé Voegelin, one week workshop, artist talk, sonic brunch

2018 Moor Mother from Philadephia, one day workshop (unfortunately cancelled)

this & that

interference Archive New York - research space, sound workshop

parkslope foodcoop, member-work

with Underground Resistance NYC & Detroit - workshop, events organization

Record the Web, Rhizom New Museum New York & Transmediale Berlin

Unsound festival Krakow, Allied Media Detroit, CTM festival Berlin - conferences&workshops

Exil, ego, kalkbreite, freeparties, events‘ organization

20years silkprinting

contact: aureliemermodATno-log,org