Detroit Effect: In Conversation with Antonio Cosme

Helmhaus Museum July 27 at 18:30

Aurélie Mermod is an artist based in Zürich who explores confronting dynamics of forms between social engagement and art production. For her project Detroit Effect, she creates a discussion display that will produce ephemeral exchange about the situation of Detroiters, the 2013 bankruptcy, urban renewal, environmental racism, cultural appropriation, arts and local resistance. Join the conversation on Thursday, July 27 at 18:30 with the artist Antonio Cosme, an activist and a permaculture grower based in Detoit USA. Before and after the talk a playlist with songs made or about Detroit and research documents are available online at

@ Helmhaus

Antonio Cosme, Free The Water


part of the project online (see next page)

27.07.2017 In Conversation (picture Dominic)

In the exhibition: a mobil trolley, loaded with the technical equiment for the talk, an unplugged/silent sound system, flyers as invitations for the talk, a heaphone with a playlist (also possible to listen to it with own smartphone and move in the museum), a QR code linked to documents, the playlist and the audio stream online. July 27 the event with Antonio, the equipment is unpacked and set for In Conversation situation