Detroit Research 2011 - 2017

Plusieus séjours à Détroit à la rencontres des Detroiters, artistes, musiciens. Réflexions, Field recordings, vidéos, collaboration avec le centre d‘Art 555.

Sound Mirrors 2011 - 2012

Research about military sound architecture, sonic warfare, in-audible sounds, subsonics, infrasounds, noises, unsound, white sound. From Futurist Russolo´s manifest ¨The Art of Noise“, US Army and the Ghost Army in Vietnam War, the Sound Mirrors as first radars during World War I, Sonic Warfare all over the world (Guatemala, South Corea, Japan, pictures below), interview with Steve Goodman author of Sonic Warfare - Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear and performances of sound artist Marc Bain breaking down buildings with subsonic sounds.


Surround Guitar by Alper Yagcioglu and Aurélie Mermod 2010

Workshop with the sound artist Andres Bosshard in Liestal. The sound of the guitar plays live throught a multichannels speakers set-up all around the museeum, playing with space and accoustic.